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Making a jaw-dropping gym today is anything but improvisation.

It takes a plan, a guide, a project to make your gym tailor made, and that’s why unique.

Younix gets gym owners focused on the simple actions that create big reactions.

We help confused gym owners…

Most gym owners struggle with similar problems: what equipment to buy, how to set up the right layout and how to create a motivational environment within a never seen before design. They rely on emblazoned brands to create yet another gym that looks like the others ending up in a death-spiral of gym sameness. Same machines, same format, same style, lots of costs and poor results.

to build the best gym they have always dreamed about .

We will take you by hand through the several issues that could happen during the sophisticated path of creating the gym that pays off your efforts. You will get your own tutor, a dedicated real person that follows your project, helps you chose the right equipment, color, logo, wooden parts, leather to make your gym look simply the best gym you have always dreamed about.


We see success as having some element of balance.

It’s the visionary idea of making the gym work through awesome design, reliable equipment and proven concept.

Working with several big chains around the world make us understand the compelling need of being unique and so much different compared to the other gyms down the street.

A big part of the success is down to knowing how to arrange quality and custom equipment in the right way within a highly motivating and challenging environment.

If you haven’t make it till now, it’s not your fault.

You approached “sellers” and not “gym creators”.

Here at Younix you do not buy just products, you invest in the possibility to make your gym look gorgeous and unique and at the same time make it sustainable and profitable.


Building new conceptually inspired gyms is a gym design marketing strategy.

You seduce fitness consumers to buy into your brand because your offering gives the impression that this is unlike any gym they’ve seen before. Every surface matters, floors, walls, ceilings must back link and amplify your brand concept. The fitness consumer is primed for new ideas, concepts and fitness ideologies that reject obsolete fitness models of the past. Innovation and Differentiation are more important than ever in fitness marketing campaigns so you would be wise to move away from predictable, antiquated and exhausted gym design features. With our Italian Designers’ guidance, your idea will be backed up by a proven concept, and you will get the opportunity to see your gym in 3D and virtual reality: Equipment selection, layout of the gym, equipment and storage placement, custom branding to create a gym that speaks by itself.


We took a piece of steel and make it your business card.

Here at Younix you do not buy just products, you invest in thepossibility to make your gym look gorgeous and unique and at the same time makeit sustainable and profitable. We create revolutionary gym equipment becauseeverybody deserves a life-changing experience of training that is proven andgives results. Our never-seen before modular and multifunctional gym equipment will help your customers transform their lifestyle,achieving tangible results faster than with classic isotonic machine training.You can configure Rigs, Racks, Storage and Benches according to your own space,as well as customize them with your logo and colors. Thanks to the extreme modularity that distinguishes Younix on the market and the impressive adaptability of their standard and cable modules, we are able to fully satisfy the needs of small studio and larger facilities.

Build your six-figure gym business with the help from our world-class gym building coaching team.

Your future gym business success can only reach as far as the foundation is strong enough to build on. We support you with everything you need to succeed in gym business today, tomorrow, in the future and against any storm.

Why Younix

At Younix we understand that building a gym from scratch is hard and only the strongest survive. And we really understand how it feels to be a gym owner. We went through the process, from being a coach to building our own performance gym from scratch. We still run a successful gym business today. We still train and coach people.

Using our experiences and knowledge, you too can be on a path to building your ideal performance gym. We’ll do whatever it takes to help you succeed. That’s why we’re not just about equipment. It doesn’t matter if you have the best equipment and the biggest gym in town, if the gym is overbuilt for the market and stuff is just laying in the corner. You’re just throwing away all your hard-earned money.

Younix Gym Building Secrets Guide
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Build A Profitable & Sustainable Gym Business From Scratch

We have produced our own 6-figures gym businesses and helped hundreds of others doing the same, using the powerful strategies outlined in this guide.

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