One of our core guiding principles at Younix is education. We believe that if people have access to the best tools and knowledge, they will be capable of optimising their fitness and performance.

Bigger, Stronger, Leaner - Part 2

In Strength Program will introduce you to Stage 2 since it involves more »popular« strength exercises. You will notice less exercises in some workouts, with more sets per exercise. It also uses lower reps on some exercises and some more technical lifts, such as assistance exercises for Olympic weightlifting. The program is also divided into four stages, just like the Bodybuilding program. 

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If You Would Have To Pick One Tool And One Movement To Enhancing Your Over-all Performance, What Would You Pick?

»If you offer me one million euros and ask me to move to the mountain, to be a shepherd, and not to lift weights again, I would negotiate, to take only half and I would be allowed to take a barbell with me. And the only exercise I would do is power Snatch« said Mikhail Koklyaev at a seminar we hosted at my gym.

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Ankle Mobility: The First Link In The Chain

We have had the opportunity to train many young athletes, many who are professional athletes. Unfortunately, most of them start training with us as part of their rehab post-injury. One of the worst injuries an athlete can endure is an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear. In multi-directional sports, this seems to be one of the biggest career-ending injuries.

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