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Triple Progression for Strength/Power, Strength/Power Endurance and Endurance

Are you losing muscular endurance when you are getting stronger? Or, while developing strength, do you feel you muscular, hack, even general endurance is going down? Do you feel your technique is breaking down when you try to squeeze more reps with loads heavier than 85% of your max? Do you feel you are losing energy and focus if you have to do 5 sets of 5 reps at 85%?

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Personality Type & Training Based Around It

As human beings, we are all different. Some things are more accessible to notice than others. The first and most apparent thing is gender. As soon as we are born, that's the first thing doctor usually says: It's a boy/girl.

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The Mechanical 5x5 Strength & Power Training System For "Wood Type" Personality

One coach I have huge respect for is Charles Poliquin. I followed his work for many years but was not fortunate enough to meet him in person. After reading about Strength Sensei Legacy's work I decided to register for 3 modules, and it really was a life changing experience.

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