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Here is an outline of what we will cover on the call

Bulletproof gym building roadmap

We’ll come up with a strategic plan of action to set strong foundations that will put your gym business in a position of dominance. You will be getting a complete, customised breakdown of our proven concept for gym building, specifically tailored to your unique opportunity, possibilities and your growth goals.

How to pick your niche

When you pick a niche, everyone falls into line. The desired outcome of your targeted audience will be pretty much the same, and this means that you will have focus, and you can start building your entire gym business brick by brick. You will increase your positioning on the market by developing a specialist image in the customer mind. And things like programming, equipment selection, gym design, fulfilment strategies and marketing will vary greatly depending upon your niche.

How much space you really need

Now that you have picked your niche, it is time to see how much space you really need to operate a profitable gym business in the area you are looking to open. The size of the gym should match the demographics area, the niche you picked and your possibility to invest in the project.

How to scout for location and building

You don't have to look for a specific number of residents in the area you are looking to open. Bigger cities can have hundreds of thousands of people living in 15-minute time drive area. In comparison smaller towns might have only a couple of thousands in much bigger drive time area. The critical question here is: Does the rent factor make sense, and will you pick the right size of the gym for that specific location?

How to select equipment and flooring

What equipment and flooring you’ll need to buy will depend mostly on what kind of gym you decide to identify as (your niche), how many services will you offer at the same time and how will you program your workouts. We will help you create the optimal list that will be aligned with your strategy so you won’t overstock your gym with needless things that make the place feel overcrowded and won’t be utilized.

How to design a gym

Our design process begins with a strong understanding of your needs and vision. We will analyze and brainstorm various concepts to ensure the maximum potential for your gym. We’ll use our advanced in-house tools and paid software to bring your idea to reality through a series of remote planning sessions where you will have the opportunity to view your gym in 3D digital renders.

Financial overview

Opening your own gym is an ambitious and rewarding venture. Still the biggest question is: “How much does it cost to open a gym?” Gym initial investment varies greatly depending on the size, renovation needed to make the place suitable for the gym and type of operation you want to run. But there are also lots of surprise costs when building a gym that you may miss. That’s why we cover this in detail to determine the real cost to set up your gym.

Who is it for?

Anybody who wants to start and build their own gym business and grow it to 6-figures.
It will help anybody, regardless of your previous knowledge, experience or age.

Here's what to do next

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I am 100% confident Younix can transform your results — maybe even your entire concept of what it means to be ‘successful’. That’s why I’m putting €1,000 worth of my resources on the line. Click the link below now to schedule your call today.

To your success,

Žiga Urh

Žiga Urh

Head of Business & Education Development Younix

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