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Our story

Younix helps gym owners bring their ideas to life and transform their businesses through expert consulting, quality products, ongoing support and education.

Consulting services

Our global team of professionals brings together a wealth of experiences in providing turnkey solution for strength & conditioning / performance gyms. If you have a project in mind we will guide you trough the stages of location and building sourcing, business model selection, equipment selection, layout and design concepts, recruitment and marketing strategies. As our customer you will profit from our experiences. Your project will come to life not only trough images but will also be backed up by real numbers and strategies.

Performance Equipment

We design, engineer and manufacture innovative performance equipment. Our focus lies in bridging the gap between longevity and performance. Our team of athletes, coaches and engineers helps us develop equipment that can be effectively used to improve performance, reduce injury risk and enhances longevity. Every piece of equipment is made to last and serves a specific purpose.

Professional Education

Trough our online and on site seminars and courses we help fitness and health professionals become elite strength& conditioning coaches. Using the best practices of online and on site education we share everything you need to know about strength & conditioning/performance training, behaviour change and real-world coaching.

The Younix Purpose

It all began in 2018 when Umberto Avino and Žiga Urh joined together on two inspiring missions.

To bring performance training that was for a long time reserved only for professional athletes to general population and help them discover the joys of living a fit, pain free and healthy life. And to help gym owners build profitable businesses and deliver this purpose to their own members in their gyms all around the world.

Umberto, with background in fitness and engineering, and Žiga, with background in performance training and gym management, both share a common belief: you don’t have to compromise your longevity in order to enhance your optimal performance. And you don’t have to struggle as a gym owner working a 9 to 5 frustrating job. And they want to get this message across and enable the experience to every single person and gym owner on the planet.

Both tired of endless fitness trends and insanity programs offering results overnight, Umberto and Žiga created a turnkey solution for a complete performance gym under the brand called Younix.

All products and services consisting of Younix turnkey solution are research-driven and tested on the field. Today Younix is becoming one of the most respected private performance equipment provider, gym business consulting and education company in the industry.

Over the last 10 years, we have watched the fad training programs and equipment providers come and go. But when the fads have failed and the crazes have died out, and people want something that is simple and it works… we are the ones they come to see.

Meet the team

Our team is made of world-class fitness entrepreneurs, coaches, athletes, engineers, architects, interior designers and many more. The team is located in 5 different Countries worldwide. From Spain, to Italy, to Slovenia, to France, to Seattle. We work remotely and that means we are not limited to geography. So we can work with the best of the best.

Umberto Avino

Founder & CEO

Žiga Urh


Nadiem Alavar

VP OF global sales

Matej Hočevar

head coach

Gregor sobočan

head coach

guillaume guillou

head coach

Andrea evacuo

logistics & administration

samuel oria

Arne urh

customer support

luca rosso

customer support

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