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Whether you are just starting or you have been a fitness professional for some time, our training and education will help you reach your full potential as a strength & conditioning coach.

Available courses

Join us at one of our live courses we currently teach all around the world.

All 2021 Courses Have Been Postponed

Strength & Conditioning Principles

You are a trainer, but you are ready to ramp up your skills. What comes next?

1-day course
All 2021 Courses Have Been Postponed

Barbell strength Course

Everything you need to master and coach barbell foundational movements with approach that minimise the risk of injury and boosts results.  

1-day course
All 2021 Courses Have Been Postponed

Kettlebell strength endurance Course

Go beyond theory and do fresh, original workouts. Finally feel confident about using the kettlebell with this practical course.

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