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About the seminar

Strength & Conditioning Principles is a lecture and hands-on format intense seminar, where you will learn the fundamentals of biomechanically sound, effective, and save movements and their proper selection with in-depth programming methodologies to create the best training plans for yourself and your clients. We divide the movement patterns into three main domains. First is the core domain, where we cover breathing and axial skeleton control. Second is the resistance training domain, covering knee dominant, hip dominant, horizontal push and pull and vertical push and pull movement patterns. Finally, we have the athleticism domain, covering locomotion, change of direction, throwing, and triple extension. Together with other coaches and athletes, you will spend 16 hours over 2 days learning from experienced Younix Strength & Conditioning coaches.

Strength & Conditional Principles is unlike any other training seminar



If you are looking to enhance yours and others performance using proven concepts and ideas of strength & conditioning training and programming, you’re definitely a mover.



You’re not afraid to shake things up. You’re coachable and eager to learn where you can improve as a coach and how you can provide better results for your clients and grow your business.


Change makers

You don’t accept the status quo. Where is the fun in that? You’re here because you have the guts to make a change and you want to turn your passion into a successful career.

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What you will learn

In most sports and outdoor activities, the skill we need to master is how to stay relaxed while moving quickly and easily. How to save energy and be efficient. To lift weights, we need to learn how to generate pressure, stay tight, and restrict motion in most parts of our body.

Topics covered include:

  • How to get control over different body positions with breathing and core drills and its application in the gym.
  • When developing neuromuscular strength and tissue hypertrophy, what movement patterns are available and how to choose the right one for each individual needs and goals.
  • How to develop coordination, power, speed, timing, elasticity and precision with the athletic movements and its application in the gym.
  • Strength & conditioning programming for individuals and for the group.

Each lecture section is followed up with a hands-on session that will have you working with a coach in a collaborative small group setting. Attendees will take the role of demonstrating, assessing, and coaching correctives and movements.

Our mission for this seminar is to provide you with the education and tools necessary to achieve your goals – whether you are an athlete, coach or simply curious to learn and grown in your knowledge and abilities. Correct, safe movement and smart programming is foundational to our function not just as athletes, but human beings.

What makes this
seminar different?

There is so much information out there on how to perform loaded movements and how to write strength & conditioning programs. But, there is one thing to know everything theoretically and completely another to apply it. Too much information, too little context.

This seminar is designed to change that. Get a road map, a curriculum, a way to connect the dots that will help you enhance your coaching game. The purpose of this seminar is to expose you to the methods and systems our coaching team developed and we use to enhance our clients results and give you the tools necessary to make objective, purposeful decisions while creating training plans for yourself and those you coach.

Our coaching team

Outside of our courses and seminars our skilled coaching team regularly teach this curriculum to strength & conditioning caches, fitness and health professionals at different conferences and events, as well as using it everyday for coaching professional athletes and general population, helping them optimise performance and longevity. Younix coaching team is regularly attending different coaching courses in various topics. We are as much students as we are teachers.

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Dubai, UA - 16.4 & 17.4.2020

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